Year 3 Strings

At strings we learnt how to hold our instruments and bows properly – Ryan Makkar

We’ve been learning strings in 3D. My teacher, Mr Veldman is always saying I’m natural at the violin. It’s pretty fun – Miles Tang

The strings are amazing! We learnt to pluck our instruments and now we can play “Bobby Shafto” with the bow. We can hold the instruments and bows the correct way, and we also know the different parts of the Cello and Violin – Lincoln Dauparas  

I like to play the violin because you learn to hold the bow and violin properly – James Winduss 

At strings, we’ve been learning about violins and cellos with Mr Veldman and Mrs Mackie. We’ve learnt A and D strings, different parts of our instruments and how to hold our instruments and bow the correct way – Heath Elias 

by Mrs Kylie Newman, Year 3 Teacher




2022 Term Dates