Year 3 Reflections of Camp Manyung in Mt Eliza

I loved camp because we did so many activities Archery, the Giant Swing, Ga Ga/Sports, beach games, bay discovery, beach free time and much more. First Penguins (the group I was in) did beach games for the whole afternoon. We made sure we had lots of sunscreen on, drank water and had some time in the shade. The next day we did the Rock Pool Ramble for an hour, then we did Archery, Ga Ga and Sports for the rest of the day. The last day we did the Initiative Walk, which included the broken bridge and spider web challenges, we then did the Giant Swing. I went the whole eighteen metres, I saw the whole of the Port Phillip Bay. Lastly we jumped on the bus and went back to Tintern, it took forty-five minutes to an hour to get back. My mum picked me up in the pouring rain. This was the best camp ever!

by Lincoln Dauparas

I really enjoyed Camp Manyung because the camp food was really good and we got lots of free time including at the beach. I also liked our room inspections, this was when your cabin group had to clean the cabin. I also liked Ga Ga, which is where then people go into a sand pit and people hit a ball with their open hand, trying to hit them below the knees to get them out. Camp Manyung was epic!

by Heath Bowey

On the first day it was boring unpacking, after that the day got better and better. The first activity, the giant swing was really fun. I challenged myself to go to the top which was 18 metres high! Dinner was really nice, it was Mexican. The dessert was a brownie and cream. After dinner we watched some of the movie, ‘Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs 2,’ then we went to sleep.

 Day 2, we woke up, Mr B served breakfast, hash browns, eggs and toast. After that we went on the initiative walk, I enjoyed all the activities. It was the best! Lunch was meatball subs. After lunch we did archery, it was the best activity. Learning how to do archery was terrific. Dinner was chicken, corn and peas. We then went for a walk looking for wombats, had supper which was cupcakes and played ‘find the teacher’. Miss Quirk did an amazing job of hiding.  We then finished off the movie and went to bed.

 Day 3, it was raining! We had breakfast, I had rice bubbles. Then we went to the hall to play some games like tank, parachute and rock paper scissors cheer squad. Then we went back to school in the pouring rain.

by Cayden Wood



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