Year 3 Boys’ weekly visits to Donwood Community Aged Care Facility

This Semester, the Year 3 Boys’ will be visiting Donwood Community Aged Care Facility each Wednesday afternoon. Before each visit, the boys eagerly enter the classroom, straightening and tidying their uniforms and polishing their school shoes until they sparkle. It is wonderful to see both the boys and the residents engage in conversation and support each other during the games and activities. So far, we have shared a very competitive game of multi-dice number bingo, coloured and labelled pictures of the facilities chickens, played guess who, chatted and demonstrated a game of twister, which the residents loved. This activity is most definitely a highlight of the week for the boys and each of the students in attendance represent both themselves and the School in an admirable manner. I look very forward to watching the boys’ growth and development as our future visits unfold.



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