Year 3-6 House Basketball @ The Rings Maroondah

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On the 3 August 2016, the Year 3-6 boys competed in the annual house basketball competition. The first 5-6 matches were Dann vs McKie and Grant vs Butters, with Stewart having a bye. The first 3-4 matches were Grant vs Butters and McKie vs Dann, with Stewart having a bye. In year 5-6, Grant and Dann won the first match. In years 3-4 and 5-6 Grant were victorious in their first matches. The second matches for year 5-6 were Grant vs McKie and Butters vs Stewart, with Dann having a bye. The same teams played each other in year 3-4. The year 5-6 teams who won were Grant and Butters and the 3-4 teams whom had won were also Grant and Butters. Round 3 for 5-6 consisted of McKie vs Stewart and Grant vs Dann with Butters having the bye. The victors were Grant and McKie. For 3-4, the victors were Stewart and Grant. Straight after this, we had a 10 minute break. After the break, the round robin competition continued, until there was the grand final. In the finals for 3-4 and 5-6, it was both Grant vs Butters. After the nail-biting match, Grant had huge smiles on their faces, as they’d won both finals.

Overall, the day was brilliant as everyone got to show their true colours in basketball.

by Krisshnaa and Mark





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