Year 3 / 4 Camp Manyung 16-18 November

The boys in Years 3 and 4 have just spent three wonderful days at Camp Manyung, Mt Eliza. The weather was perfect and so were the boys! It was a most enjoyable time as the boys happily joined with their peers in a fun and encouraging environment away from home. Various activities and challenges focusing on group dynamics, problem solving, resilience, communication, trust and teamwork were made available to the boys and they all graciously accepted those challenges.

Over the 3 days the boys:

  • had fun on the beach
  • went for a swim
  • rode the GIANT swing
  • tried their hand at archery
  • attempted to solve the Initiatives course
  • ventured out to play night hide and seek (only the teachers were allowed to hide!)
  • learnt a new game called ‘Ga-Ga’
  • zoomed along the flying fox

The food was delicious and thankfully there was plenty of it as the boys were ravenous at each meal. The boys were most helpful when it was time to set the tables and they even vacuumed the dining room afterwards – for some this was also a new experience! We have come home with many fond memories and a great feeling of fulfilment.

By Mrs Sparkes Year 3  Teacher



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