Year 3 and 4 Adanac Camp Highlights

Year 3 and 4 Students in the Girls Junior School went on a camp to Adanac in the Yarra Ranges. Here are some of their highlights…

My favourite activity was the Archery; it was such a unique experience. Isabella Di Felice Year 3A

I loved the Flying Fox because it felt great to be up high up amongst the trees. Sidonie Keogh Year 3A

I loved the Mindfulness activity led by Ms Dang before bed. I was able to get to sleep peacefully. Claudia Murdoch Year 3A

I loved the Low Ropes Course because I found myself in many hilariously ridiculous positions. Leia Tian-Yi Yeoh Year 3A

The highlight of canoeing was crashing into Mrs Riddell with my partner. Amelie Scherer Year 3A

I liked hut building because my group competed with the Year 4 students – our hut came second because it was not waterproof but it was constructed well. Taneisha Jamieson Year 3A

I liked sleeping in a dorm room with my friends because it was nice to have them just there. Matilda Robson Year 3A

At Healesville Sanctuary, we saw a long nosed Potoroo having an operation, a Koala that could jump from branch to branch and some of the most ferocious birds in Australia.  Elisha Sze Year 4A

Eating was one of the best parts of the day at camp! Our first meal was chicken with rice followed by chocolate mousse. We also made our own wraps. I loved the lasagne and vanilla ice cream. Glynnis Wang Year 4A

As I was strapped into the harness, my heart began to race. The leader hooked me onto the line and then off I went zooming down the flying fox like a bird soaring in the sky. This was my favourite activity at camp. Lucia Cockerell Year 4A

Following afternoon tea, it was our turn to do archery. We were given a bow and four arrows each. In the middle of the target hung a noodle, which if you hit, gave you a score of 15 points. I scored 40 points and was very pleased with my performance. Josie Pang Year 4A

We had a slow start to this activity because we were debating where to build the hut. We grabbed some long sicks from the previously demolished huts and built ours around the trunk of a tree. There were quite a few gaps so it was not waterproof! We worked as a team and scored of 4 out of 5 points for our efforts. Kaitlyn Law Year 4A

As I stepped into the canoe, it began to wobble. At that point, I was quite scared. As we paddled around the lake, I felt more confident about being on the water. This was a challenging activity for me. Abbey Van Bremen Year 4A

The low ropes challenge activity got more difficult as we went along the course. I found the crossover section the hardest, in fact I could not finish it, but I know had done my best. Sahdia Ali Year 4A

by Karen Dang and Linda Hudgell, Year 3 and 4 Classroom Teachers



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