Year 2D’s Amazing Journey to Ancient Egypt

Who would have thought that one page in a picture storybook, about a boy looking to find his way in the world, could lead to such an amazing journey of exploration of Ancient Egypt?

While reading the story “Eric Finds a Way”, by Robert Vescio and Ann-Marie Finn, the boys of Year 2 were amazed at the page where Eric was exploring Egypt. After seeing the towering pyramids in the background of this illustration, the boys were intrigued with the possibility of people building these great structures without machinery, so many years ago.

With such interest, we then went on a quick journey ourselves to the Senior School Library to view the cabinet of replicated artefacts from Ancient Egypt. We were very fortunate indeed to be met by Mrs Healey who, through her own passion and knowledge, was able to share with us much of the history of these amazing pieces.

Again, due to Mrs Healey’s kindness and generosity of spirit, we now have a beautiful table adorned with these precious pieces in our classroom. We were also extremely lucky to have Mrs Macey come in and share some of her memories from a holiday travelling down the Nile River in a Felucca.

Our interest in Ancient Egypt is continuing to flourish as we are now reading a series of fiction books, written by Carole Wilkinson, which are filled with facts from Ancient Egypt. We have almost finished “Ramose, Prince in Exile” and are looking forward to reading the next books in the series.


by Michelle Gluskie, Year 2 Teacher



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