It’s a Big Year for Year 3!

It is a big year for our Year 3 girls. They have welcomed new classmates – Naomi, Starr and Jackie.  They have moved from the small I J Day (Prep-Year 2 Building) to the bigger Colebrook Wing. They have just experienced the Intensive Swimming Program and the big and exciting (and loud) House Swimming Carnival.  All the girls have settled in very well indeed… perhaps with the occasional visit down to the Prep-Year 2 playground when they have a moment! One of the last activities they did before finishing in Year 2 was…

The girls (in November 2017) were excited to welcome a number of parents and a grandparent to the classroom to begin learning how to make an appliqued cushion. They selected a pattern to applique, transferred their pattern onto Vliesofix paper then ironed (with parent assistance and supervision) the paper onto their chosen fabrics. After checking to make sure each piece was in place, they cut their shapes out with careful confidence. Next, the girls spent time peeling the backing paper from their shapes and positioning their fabric pieces carefully onto their cushion fronts, before another iron to affix their pieces in position, and then each girl was ready to sew! Most of the girls had never used a sewing machine before, so they were eager to begin. Our parent helpers were happy to guide each student in their attempts and today, the girls completed their cushions and enjoyed using them in the classroom, before happily taking their finished masterpieces home. Well done to all the girls for trying a new skill, listening carefully to all instructions and acting so responsibly in the classroom with the sewing machines and other equipment. Mrs Campbell

 A great preparation for trying new skills and activities which is what they are doing this year under the guidance of Ms Dang!



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