Year 2 Adventure to Bayswater Train Park

Today we went to the Train Park in Bayswater in a twenty-two seater bus that Mr Kenny drove. A few weeks ago Mackenzie went to the Train Park with his family and saw lots and lots of graffiti. He thought it would be really good if we could do something about it, so Mrs Gluskie contacted the council and organised it.

We picked up rubbish and litter that people left on the ground. We used tongs to pick up the rubbish and then put it into buckets and finally into the bins where it should have gone in the beginning.

There was some graffiti on the buildings, metal poles and on top of the train. We used two graffiti kits and six sponges to clean off some of the graffiti. We didn’t clean it off the train because it was too high for us to reach. We had to use a lot of elbow grease on some of the graffiti. That means that we had to scrub it very hard.

Mr Kenny and Mrs Gluskie said that we did such a good job that we could have a play on the play ground and the train.

We had a really great day!

by Andrew Wang and Mackenzie Hanna



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