Year 12 Study Tips

During the most recent Year 12 Utility period, we were delighted to welcome seven past students back to our Campus. Ewen Doonan, Fraser Kenny, Alfred Kouris, Chelci Cox, Izzi Phillips  and Milly Ross (Year 12 2015) and Ellena Kouris (Year 12 2014) gave their own thoughts on tips to make the Year 12 year successful, and answered questions from our own Year 12s. Our ‘experts’ made comments such as “balance your study…keep doing sport and stay active so that you don’t over study’; “know what study style suits you best”; “use your teachers, ask them for extra practice exams, and follow up with them after SACs”; “Support one another…encourage one another”.

It was a most practical and valuable session, and gave our 12s an insight into what lies ahead for them from a student’s perspective.

It was wonderful to have a small group of our past students join us.

by Adam Kenny
Leadership Co-ordinator





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