Year 12 Report

The main event for the Year 12 students this week was the annual House Music competition. The final performances were most entertaining and showcased the many months of hard work by the Year 12 House Captains and musicians. Although only one team could be victorious on the day, the leadership, organisational and teamwork skills that were developed during the rehearsals and final performances will no doubt assist all Year 12 students as they move on from secondary school.

As Term 2 draws to a close the workload for Year 12 students will once again start to increase. Students completing VCE will be undertaking SACs for most of their subjects and IB students will be working hard to submit their Extended Essays and Internal Assessments for their various subjects. No doubt, there will also be much discussion, planning and preparation for one of the year’s highlights – the Year 12 Formal, which is scheduled for the last day of Term 2, Friday 17 June. This night is a special one for Year 12 students and, in order to allow plenty of time for preparation for the evening, students will be dismissed after Period 3 on this day. The Year 12 Formal is a great opportunity for Year 12 students to release some stress on the dance floor and have a laugh with friends while looking sophisticated; a great end to Semester 1.

Mrs Jen Tsai Bove, Year 12 Co-ordinator








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