News from Year 11

The Mentor Group Leaders in Year 11 have been tasked with developing a project for Term 2 that incorporates elements of community service. They have approached the Heads of both Junior Schools putting forward the idea of running activity/game sessions with younger year levels. They have proposed a 5 week program where for one lunch time a week, a Mentor Group from Year 11 takes one of the year levels from 2 – 6 for a mixture of activities. These activities would include: team building/problem solving, dodge ball, hide and seek, cheerleading etc. Each Mentor Group is to be responsible for the running of one activity and a younger year level would be assigned to each activity. The activity sessions would only run through lunchtime once a week so no class time is missed, and they would create a wonderful link between the Junior Schools and our Senior College.

Our Year 11 Co-ordinator, Mr Nick Stefanac states “I’ve been impressed with the Mentor Group Leaders really running with this. They have worked with their Mentor Group to determine a project and discussed amongst themselves the best ideas. They have taken the initiative to organise this and have presented their ideas to the Year Level this week.”



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