Year 11 Report

Year 11 students are currently hard at work preparing for their mid-year examinations that start on Monday 30 May and run through the week until Friday 3 June. School uniform must be worn to all examinations and students are only required at school when they have a scheduled examination. A reminder to all Year 11 families that they have Friday 27 May as a Study Day – with the expectation that they will study at home.

After their examinations are completed, there are only two weeks until the Year 11 Formal on 17 June, the last day of Term 2 – a wonderful way to commence the holidays, and a much needed break for all.

On the day of the Formal, Year 11 students are allowed to leave school after 12:55pm in order to prepare for the evening event. The Year 11 Formal will be held at Linley Estate in Kilsyth. The night starts at 7pm and will run until 11pm, with dancing, music, photography, great food and friends. As always, we know our students will compose themselves as responsible young men and ladies, enjoying all that the evening has to offer.

Mr Nick Stefanac, Year 11 Co-ordinator










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