Year 11 and 12 Conference

Our Years 11 & 12 Conferences will be held next week with Year 11 students heading to Phillip Island for 3 days on Wednesday 2 March and our Year 12s attending their non-residential based Conference at Tintern Grammar on the evening of Thursday 3 and all day on Friday 4 March as per the information sent home by the respective Year Level Co-ordinators, Mr Nick Stefanac and Mrs Jennifer Tsai Bove.

Our Year 11 Conference has a focus on personal development and life in the Senior College. Our Year 12 Conference has a focus on preparing students for their future tertiary experiences and remaining motivated and focussed through Year 12 – it includes an evening session on Thursday with Dr Michael Carr-Gregg to which Year 12 parents have been invited to attend with their daughter or son.

I take this opportunity to remind all families of the School’s Camps Refund Policy should students not attend Camp (Conference): Please note that it is the expectation that students will attend their Year Level Camps as these enjoyable activities are important parts of the Year Level’s Academic and Pastoral Programs.

Illness: should your daughter/son be unable to attend due to illness, a medical certificate needs to be provided to receive a full refund.

Notice of inability to attend:

2 months or greater (without a medical certificate) – 75% refund

1 – 2months (without a medical certificate) – 40% refund

Less than 1 month (without a medical certificate) – 25% refund

1 week or less (without a medical certificate) – no refund

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