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The examination period went well for Year 10 students and I received very positive feedback regarding the collaborative way that students worked with each other and the staff. The students also responded well to directions in the examination room. Examinations are not only a learning experience for subject knowledge and skills but also in examination protocol.

While Work Experience expectations will be discussed with the Year 10 students at school, I do encourage families to have a ‘dinner time’ conversation about such issues as mobile phones, appropriate dress, punctuality and possible risks and hazards that our students may encounter in the work place. Students are expected to have an induction meeting with their Supervisor upon arrival at their place of work. Guidelines to help with this meeting will be included in their final Work Experience package to be distributed on Thursday 15 June. A further reminder that students attending a building or construction site are required to complete a ‘white card’ and also submit a copy to Mrs Julie Ennor or scan and send to   

During this week, the students will be receiving their examinations back in class and reviewing their personal experience of the examination period with their Pastoral Mentor. It is both a time to reflect but also to look forward in terms of setting new goals for Semester 2. Semester length subjects will be concluded but work continues in the VCE subjects, and English, Science and Mathematics with holiday homework as preparation for the new term.

The Year 10s typically acknowledge this time as a break from routine and an opportunity to be involved in new learning environments. The Year 10 staff look forward to visiting the students during Work Experience in the last week of term.

by Mrs Heather Ruckert, Year 10 Co-ordinator



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