Year 10 Elevate Education Parent Seminar

Elevate Education

The recent Year 10 Elevate Education Study Sensei session was followed by a parent seminar to assist families to support their child as they approach their first full set of examinations. Some useful key points include:

Assisting Memory

Use a combination of approaches including auditory, visual and kinaesthetic

Tip: Short and regular revision assists material being stored in long term memory rather than one lengthy session the night before a test or examination!

Difference between Homework and Study

Homework is directed and set by the teacher whereas study includes regular independent work including note taking, extra reading (for examples and to enhance depth of responses) and practice questions that are marked/discussed by the teacher or checked against solutions.

Tip: Complete the study for even 15 – 20 minutes before the homework

Time Management

  • Aim to create a one week study/homework timetable that is completed at the start of the week using either electronic or printed options
  • Break large tasks into distinct parts to gain a sense of achievement and to avoid leaving assignments to the last minute
  • Enter such activities as sports training or a favourite TV show in first and then plan study time followed by homework.

Tip: Print out this timetable and keep in a visible location


  • Keep a separate revision folder with loose leaf paper rather than a notebook
  • Avoid re-writing notes, add colour and use techniques such as key words or concept diagrams to help with connections between the material
  • Add examples or evidence from wider reading progressively throughout a topic

Managing Distractions

  • Turn off mobile phones and access to social media
  • Avoid combining work with TV watching or listening to music (“Train” in the conditions of an examination)
  • Try and work for 30 minutes (study) to 1 hour (homework) blocks
  • Eat a well-balanced diet and include regular exercise to assist concentration


  • Importance of intrinsic motivation from within and the value of setting future goals
  • Students should seek assistance and use their support network including family, friends and teachers

There is public access to a wide range of materials on the Elevate Education website at and Year 10 families can access the student section by entering the username and password contained on the Year 10 page of the Portal. A set of the student notes is also contained on our level page.

by Heather Ruckert
Acting Head of Senior College, Year 10 Co-ordinator and Careers Consultant




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