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Greetings from the Senior College!

My name is Angel and I am part of the World Challenge Team 1. We will be travelling to Nepal at the end of the year and we want your help to make the most of our trip! In order to raise money for our community project work in Nepal at the end of this year, we would like you to order from us at our bake sale (2 November), including delicious spiders and some ‘one of a kind’ bracelets/anklets. By simply indulging in our delicious treats and adorning yourselves in our gorgeous jewellery, you and your children will be supporting a really important cause.

During our trip, we will be spending time with the Seven Women organisation which provides support for women in Nepal who’ve suffered discrimination as a result of their disabilities. We will also have the chance to work closely with a school in Pokhara with the Mother Children’s Art Foundation where we will help build, paint or mend their facilities to give the children the best environment to learn in that we can.

Pre-ordering forms for the bake sale and spider stall will go home with students early this term and we would really appreciate it if you could support this more than deserving cause. Bracelets/anklets will be available for purchase on the day of the bake sale (2 November). Baked goods will be delivered to classes and spiders can be collected just prior to lunch on the same day. Namaste!

Angel Tully, Year 10 Nepal World Challenge Team 1



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