Who is Mr Pyjamas…?

Who is Mr Pyjamas…?

He’s white and he’s got black and white on him – Callista, Early Learners

She’s got cute ears on him – Elin, Early Learners

Over there – Alexander, Early Learners

He crunches and munches the carrot – Chenchen, Early Learners

He has spots on his back – Jessica, Early Learners

He had a run around at my house on the holiday, ate apples and carrots – Aemon, Pre-Prep

He was a bit cheeky because he ate his paper – Orlando, Early Learners

But who is Mr Pyjama?!

Bunny!- Alexander, Early Learners

A bunny rabbit. I’m going to take him home – Ruby, Pre-Prep

The rabbit. I would like to bring him home. He will sleep at my house – Katherine, Pre-Prep





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