White Water Rafting Camp – Group 1

This camp was an experience for sure. Everyone who went had an amazing time and we bonded over the some of the smallest things. For example, when someone fell out of the boat during a rapid, we were all laughing so much and trying to guess who it was. We cooked dinner together and shared a lot of our food (because we made WAAYYYYYY too much). The group enjoyed so much of that camp, but things got pretty crappy when everyone discovered they had to poop in a bucket. In the end everything was okay, but for a while everyone got a bit worried. We helped each other through some challenges, for example, when someone was frightened to take a leap off the dam wall, everyone in the group encouraged her and helped her get through it, and she jumped. We made friends who we didn’t have before and we formed stronger relationships with the ones we already had. I’m so glad I chose this camp, and I think anyone in the future would be glad as well. Because – ‘whatever floats your boat’!

By Elissa Wright – 9A



2023 Term Dates