Welcome back to the 2016 school year. We have started the year with marvellous weather, which augurs well for a bright and exciting year ahead. It’s great to meet up with friends, old and new, after the summer break. No doubt some of the friendships formed in the weeks ahead will prove to be lasting.

We express a hearty welcome to all our new girls.  This newsletter includes photos of them all. I walk around the ELC and Junior School, I was delighted to see all our new students looking settled and happy. A very special welcome also goes to our ELC classes for 2016.

These special new members of our community are…

  • Amy Gillman –  Early Learners B
  • Scarlett Mackie – Early Learners B
  • Mason McDowell – Early Learners B
  • Charlotte Pevitt – Early Learners B
  • Charlie Van Winden – Early Learners B
  • Alexandra Witherow – Early Learners B
  • Abbie Hu – Early Learners B
  • Liam Adams – Early Learners A
  • Mitchell Allen – Early Learners A
  • Ariella Barby – Early Learners A
  • Will Callow-Sussex – Early Learners A
  • William Chiang – Early Learners A
  • Elena Fisher – Early Learners A
  • Chloe Fox – Early Learners A
  • Matilda Murdoch – Early Learners A
  • Jasper Wilson – Early Learners A
  • Oscar Chen – Early Learners A
  • Ananya Chekka – Early Learners AB
  • Gus Graham – Early Learners AB
  • Vincent Kong – Early Learners AB
  • Olivia Park – Early Learners AB
  • Jared Swartz – Early Learners AB
  • Evelyn Trollope – Early Learners AB
  • Ila Valluri – Early Learners AB
  • Joyce Zhu – Early Learners AB
  • Katelyn Britten – Pre-Prep B
  • Emily Chen – Pre-Prep B
  • Oliver Smith – Pre-Prep B
  • Ethan Webb – Pre-Prep B
  • Sarah White – Pre-Prep B
  • Riya Yogesh Kumar – Pre-Prep B
  • Harkunwar Singh Bhasin – Pre-Prep A
  • Tara Shaw – Pre-Prep A
  • Adnana Thienpont – Pre-Prep A
  • Ella Whitfield – Pre-Prep A
  • Ocean Yang – Pre-Prep A
  • Jess Davis – Prep
  • Stephanie Gillman – Prep
  • Ruby Chen – Year 1A
  • Evie Hupfield – Year 1A
  • Zara Cuthbert – Year 2A
  • Anika Hutchinson – Year 2A
  • Holly White – Year 3A
  • Chloe Butterfield – Year 4A
  • Sarah Fisher – Year 4A
  • Katherine Howell – Year 4A
  • Ananya Khatry – Year 4A
  • Sophia Li – Year 4A
  • Sophie Riddell – Year 4A
  • Saskia Jackson-Smith – Year 5A
  • Grace Jenkin – Year 6A
  • Madeline Hupfeld – Year 6B
  • Reese Stevens – Year 6B

A warm welcome to our returning staff. Our school greatly benefits from the dedication and talents of our wonderful team. Together with our new staff, they will bring new initiatives and enthusiastic ideas. Our existing teachers will support and guide both our new staff and current staff who take on new roles:

Natalie Martin – Pre-Prep A Assistant

  • Maria Bigg-Wither – Pre-Prep B Assistant
  • Karen Worland – Library Years 1-6
  • Jan Wagner  – Library ELC-Prep (as well as music ELC-Year 6)
  • Anna Riddell  – French Years 1-3
  • Ashley Viney – Physical Education (Pre-Prep-Year 6)
  • Lisa MacFarlane – Year 3 Teacher Term 1
  • Sandi Gaskin  – on medical leave.  We really wish Mrs Gaskin a quick recovery!

Emma Amory – It is sad for us to say goodbye to staff that we know so well.  Emma is moving onto a full time job in the city and will be finishing at Tintern this week.  Emma has been a wonderful support to students, parents and staff at Tintern during the last year. In her role as an Early Learning Centre lunch time assistant, she has formed a close bond with the students, while being a great support to our busy staff. Her professionalism and  warm manner has also meant that she has been an instrumental part of the atmosphere and high levels of care in our After School Care program. Emma has a multitude of skills which has also shown through in her administrative support role. We wish her all the best in her new work place.  We will miss her greatly!




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