Welcome to our new Junior School Students!

On Wednesday 1 February (first day of school) there were lots of new students who started in the Junior School. A very warm welcome to all our new families.  I am sure you will enjoy our nurturing and caring community.

There is nothing more exciting than to witness our Preps start formal school on their first day. See photo of Juliette (Prep) (proudly sent by Mum).  With excitement, nerves and the beginning of a new day and chapter in life, Juliette proudly walks into school.

Welcome to the following students:

Mackenzie Bailey – Prep

Alessia Ferraro – Prep

Abigail Hsiao – Prep

Sarah Ibrahim – Prep

Juliette Monti – Prep

Evelyn O’Connor – Prep

Charlotte Robson – Prep

Jessica Van Lierop – Prep

Sarah White – Prep

Elin Yeoh – Prep

Riya Yogesh Kumar – Prep

Erica Zhang – Prep

Erin Gao – Year 1A

Lucy Dauparas – 2A

Sidonie Keogh – Year 3A

Amelia Sprake – Year 4A

Elisha Sze – Year 4A

Emma Cooke – 5A

Ashley Honan – 5A

Drishya Karthik – 5A

Olivia Beaton – 5B

Charlotte du Blet – 5B

Ainsley Light – 5B

Anika Mulemane – 5B

Caitlin Tainton – 5B

Aria Ma- 6A

Tiffany Mirabile – 6A

Elaine Sze – 6A



2023 Term Dates