Welcome to our 2019 Prep class

The Prep boys have had a wonderful start to school. They are getting better at doing their morning jobs like unpacking bags and putting diaries in the right places! The boys look very smart in their blazers, even though the buttons are quite tricky for some of us. The boys have loved spending time with their buddies and seeing them in the playground too. They have begun learning the ‘c’ sound made by Clever Cat and have been practising hard to make the rounded shape when writing it on paper. The Preps have been making tallies to record down the number of people who have different eye colour as well as which fruits are being brought to school. Making friends has been a big part of the first week. It has been so positive to see all the Preps including each other inside and outside the classroom. Looking forward to sharing more of our news soon.

by Mallory Peters, Boys’ Junior School Prep Teacher



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