2023, is it just a new year, or truly a new year?

Welcome to 2023 and for new families, welcome to Tintern Grammar! In meeting with staff, families and students over the last two weeks, there has been a lightness of being that was not visible at the same time in 2021, or 2022. Our community has spoken of feeling that the summer break really was a break, unlike the last two summers. I hope this has been the case for you too, and that you are feeling this same sense of freedom and buoyancy that has been so visible at our school events this year.

Welcome Coffee Morning

Already we have had very well attended Coffee Mornings for new secondary parents, and the Day 1 Coffee morning for all parents, leading up to our Foundation Service last Friday where we introduced all new students, and our Year 7 cohort were presented to our community and given their ‘Class of 2028’ badges. This is a very significant event for those young people and for the many parents who were able to attend.

Watch the video of the 2023 Foundation Service 


This week we have Information Evenings for ELC and Junior School on Wednesday, and Middle School and Senior College on Thursday, each followed by Drinks with the Principal. Our Year 7 students and staff have left for their one-week camp, swimming lessons have begun, and it finally feels like ‘business as usual’ for students, for staff, and I suspect, for families – a significant contrast to the last two years.

So, what does this mean for us all? It means that we can shift from a view where part of our attention is always on the threat and management of the pandemic and renew our focus on the education and growth of our community. Our new Forward Strategy will become progressively more visible to families over the next two to three years, with a very visible future focus – that is a focus on the future needs of our students, staff and community. Already this year I have seen a re-emergence of our young people’s optimism and positive approach to school and life, and the activities of our Forward strategy will support them leveraging that in great learning and growth outcomes. We are crossing an exciting threshold in education generally, but this is particularly so at Tintern!

In thinking about the future for our young people, it was wonderful to see the vast majority of our 2022 leavers receive their first or second tertiary study preference offers from their preferred institution. This indicates admirable application by the students and sound careers guidance at the School. It is unsurprising that after the last three years we have a number of students deferring places and branching out with a GAP year. We are very proud of the hard work and achievements of all our 2022 leavers and wish we them all the best for their very bright and positive futures! We congratulate the outstanding efforts of the Class of 2022, celebrated in our Class of 2022 Results booklet.

To finish, I want to make particular note of the invitations to our 2023 International Women’s Day breakfast, see the flyer in this issue of Aspectus. This is our first in what I hope will become a traditional and much sought after event for both younger and older women and men in our community. It is open to our secondary students, families and alumni and to ensure we can engage our whole community, it is not limited to women. We will have limited spaces that have been offered to a very large cohort, so I suspect seats will go quickly. If you wish to attend, you will need to move quickly, I suspect and I hope to see you there!

I wish you, your children and family, and our whole community, a wonderful, exciting year filled with opportunity, challenge, and growth for us all as we relish a truly new year in 2023!





Brad Fry | Principal 


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