Week 1 Assembly – Growth Mindset and GRIT

We had a fabulous Assembly first week back at school.  A number of the teachers and I performed a role play/discussion with the girls, based on Hillary Clinton, Julia Gillard and Helen Reddy (former Tintern student).  The role play highlighted the qualities of resilience and persistence, as well as the necessary attributes required to demonstrate GRIT.  We also touched on ‘growth mindset’ and how it can help you make positive changes in your life and at the same time see the world in a new way. We finished off with a Helen Reddy clip singing ‘I am Woman’ – this song was a No 1 hit and was chosen by the United Nations as the theme song for the very first International Women’s Day.
Below is an excerpt out of the Brooke:
Week 1
Some of you are aware of Helen Reddy a well-known Australian/American singer, actress and activist who was educated at Tintern back in the 1940s. 
Above is a snippet from her memoirs book.

A Riddell



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