VCE Biology classes start their Independent Investigations

This week the VCE Biology Unit 1 classes started their independent investigations.

For these investigations students are exploring factors that affect the heartrate of Daphnia, aka water fleas. This links to our studies of the circulatory system as well as ways in which organisms are adapted to respond to changes in their environment.

Students have been tasked with devising their own research question, designing an appropriate investigation and then collecting the relevant data in an attempt to answer their research question. In order to do this, students are drawing on the practical skills they have gained across the semester and it has been a delight to see them take ownership of their investigations. This unit of work will culminate with students displaying their investigations on scientific posters; a skill that will stand them in good stead for their senior Biology studies and also potentially for future careers in science endeavours.

by Claire Stanner, Science and Biology Teacher



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