Travel Expo Photography

The Science behind photography is a fascinating subject and this is exactly what the Year 5 boys have been exploring by using a Cannon SLR camera and the expertise of our instructor, Sallyanne.

As we have explored the way light works we’ve seen how light can refract, reflect and be manipulated through translucent or opaque objects. With this in mind the boys worked on using focus lock, leading lines, ISO, aperture and shutter speed to create some very interesting images.

As we work through our photography sessions each boy will be selecting two of their favourite photos to display at the Southwood Centre in the second last week of term. This will coincide with our World Travel Expo.

When we display our Travel Expo the boys will be showing off their ICT skills through a travel stand. Some of the IT skills will be the film work that the boys have completed using a ‘green screen’. You will be able to view their green screen work during our Travel Expo by using a QR reader to scan the QR codes leading to our Portal and the boys’ presentations.

It is an exciting time for the boys and they’re loving the 21 Century learning. We hope to see you at our World Travel Expo between 2-3pm on Wednesday 8 June.

by Lee White, Junior Boys Year 5 Teacher






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