Transition Program for ELC

ELC transition

Term 3 is the beginning of transition time for children in the ELC. A smooth and well prepared transition from one class to the next is important for our young learners and so at this time of year we take the first steps towards this.

The Early Learners are being encouraged to visit other classes during shared learning and developmental play. We invite them into the Pre-Prep rooms and staff make a point of getting know the children’s interests, friendships and what comforts them.

For the Pre-Preps, formal visits from our Tintern Prep teachers have begun. Each week Mrs Mac and Mrs Whitcher come and read with the girls and boys and also begin to build relationships. The Pre-Preps have also continued their spontaneous visits to Southwood Prep-Y2 assembly. These visits usually occur when we discover that a sibling or friend in Prep, Y1 or Y2 has their turn to present. Last week Nathan and Kai proudly watched their big brothers Cayden and Sebastian speak confidently and share their PowerPoint presentations. This was a proud moment for the ELC staff also as both Cayden and Sebastian came through the ELC.

In Term 4 we look forward to our more formal orientation sessions and transition sessions which will prepare children staying at Tintern for the move to a new room, as well as those who are making a much bigger transition to a new school. 

by Amanda Cooke, ELC Coordinator and Pre-Prep B Teacher




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