Tournament of Minds

Tournament of Minds (TOM) is offered as a Co-curricular event at Tintern Grammar. TOM is an enriching and rewarding opportunity which stretches the mind, encourages creativity and involves commitment and team-work. Students prepare a Long-Term Challenge (this year’s team chose the Language Literature Challenge) and also complete a Spontaneous Challenge which tests the team’s efficiency under time restrictions. Teams use various performance skills such as comical accents, props, costumes, humour and even poetry to present their solution to the challenge. Our performance was at Mount Lilydale Mercy College on Saturday 20 August and all the team members (Lachlan Bastin, Alice Church, Milly Kenny, James Manson, Brayden Stokes, Ella Watts and Holly Whitfield) are to be congratulated for their efforts in working diligently on TOM, in what is already a very busy timetable.

by Anthea Watkins, Horizon Co-ordinator




2023 Term Dates