Toddler Time

It is hard to believe that Toddler Time is nearly at the end of its first term.

It has been delightful to see the children grow in confidence. They now enter the room confident and excited to see what activities are on offer for the session.

In the last couple of weeks, we have also had some special events. We were lucky enough to go and visit the Junior School’s library. There, the Year 6 girls hosted us by reading stories to our toddlers. It was lovely to see the enjoyment, not only with the toddlers, but also with the bigger girls.

We have had a music session with Mrs Jan Wagner. She played the piano and the toddlers played some instruments and had fun dancing on the mat. The Toddlers have been enjoying our informal mat session so it was delightful to see them engaging with Mrs Wagner and participating in the music session.

We have even introduced painting to the session. It is fascinating watching the toddlers play with the paint and take their first tentative steps into the creative world. Overall, it has been a very successful first term and we are all looking forward to what Term 4 will bring for Toddler Time @ Tintern.

by Kristin De Vos, ELC-Co-ordinator



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