Girls’ Junior School Art Program Term 3, 2017

My name is David Kittelty and I have had the privilege of delivering the Junior School Art Program to the Prep to Year 6 girls during Term 3 while the  Art Teacher Mrs Kate Shearer, has been on leave. 

Prep to Year 2

The Hot Air Balloon has been our main focus where the girls have used coloured paper to construct and decorate their models. String was used to attach the basket underneath the balloon and the girls added a unique character to each basket using coloured markers and pencils.

Year 3 and 4

The girls have been designing, constructing and decorating wooden figures called Abi Tanti. The term comes from the Italian language and means ‘many inhabitants’ and is used to welcome immigrants to a new country. Many students have used hand saws and electric drills for the first time and in a most competent manner. Girls had fun with bold and colourful designs.

Year 5 and 6

Decorative Wall Clocks made from recycled fence palings have been the focus for these students. The girls developed their sanding, marking out, drilling and design skills to produce quality clocks displaying innovative decorative and finishing techniques.

Thank you to the Tintern Junior School Community for a very positive experience in the Art Program during Term 3. 

by David Kittelty, Girls’ Junior School Art Teacher



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