Tintern Grammar Visual Art & Design Staff Exhibition 2018

In our Visual Art & Design Department at Tintern Grammar, the staff have a wealth of skills and knowledge that we share with the students on a daily basis, assisting them in the creation of their work. We then ask our students to be particularly brave and display their work in our exhibition space. It is now time for the staff to be brave. So….we would like to announce the inaugural Tintern Grammar Visual Art & Design Staff Exhibition 2018.

From Monday 5 June until Friday 22 June, 8.00am – 4.30pm, each member of the Visual Art & Design Department will have an allocated space in the display wall next to the Visual Art & Design Art office, featuring works they have created. Accompanying the works will be information that will explain the process, inspiration and use of materials.

Please come and view the variety of pieces on display and feel free to discuss the works with the artists! We look forward to seeing you in the exhibition space soon.



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