Tintern Grammar Junior Boys take a look at the Gramophone

“So was the Gramophone called that because it is as old as my Gramma”…asked Brayden from Year 3. “Not quite … but yes, your Grandma may have a Gramophone,” I replied.

In the boys Junior School Music classes this week we have been very interested to learn about the evolution that portable music players have gone through in the last 150 years!

We discussed and looked at some of the devices and machines that our Grandparents used. The boys loved looking and seeing an original Gramophone play an old 78” which Mrs Casey brought to school. We even learnt that many, many years ago a hand crank was used to operate it!

In Year 5 and 6 we learnt that Thomas Edison invented the phonograph as well as the light bulb! We also loved listening to some old vinyl records played on an old record player.

by Jacquie Casey
Boys Junior School Music Co-Ordinator



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