Tintern Grammar Fair 2017

Tintern Grammar Fair – your chance to get involved

The Fair Committee is in progress making fun plans for a great community day next year, as part of our school’s 140 years celebrations.

Our students have done a great job submitting logo designs which will be used on our letterheads and Fair communications over the next 6 months. See below for details of our lucky winner and to admire the many and varied designs our students created. We are so proud of their creativity, and thank them all for the clever contributions!

Now is the opportunity for our parents and guardians to get involved too!

Here are just a few ways you can help right now:

  • Offering donations of goods or services
  • Joining the Fair Committee as the Stage & Entertainment Coordinator
  • Become a Stall Coordinator for your year level (see below)
  • Sponsoring a specific stall
  • Do you live on a main road? Could we please place a Fair Advertising Board in your front yard in the weeks leading up to the Fair next year?

If you can assist with any of these items, or even just to share your ideas, get in contact with the committee at Fair@tintern.vic.edu.au or call our Fair Convenor, Amanda McKenzie on 0419 313 279.

Stall allocations to year levels:


2017 Stall




Show Bags & Lucky Dips

Year 1

Craft Activities & Face Painting

Year 2

Pre-Loved Toys & Sport Gear

Year 3

Baked Potatoes

Year 4

Fairy Floss & Popcorn

Year 5

Chicken Skewers

Year 5

Hot Roast Rolls

Year 6

Secondhand Clothes

Year 6

Games , Chocolate Toss

Year 7

Drinks & Snow Cones

Year 7

Rides Booth

Year 8

Cakes / Slices / Cookies/ Jams

Year 8

Hot Chips

Year 9


Year 9


Year 10


Year 10

Corn on the Cob & Hot Dogs

Year 11

Sausage / Hamburger Sizzle

Year 11

Secondhand Books

Year 12

Bike & Blend Juice Bar

Year 12

Devonshire Teas

Junior School Teachers

Lucky Jars & Lollies

Friends of Music

Silent Auction

Secondary Teachers


Young Farmers

Animal Display

Student Leadership

Glow Sticks


Quilt Display

Past Students

Dunk the Teacher


Live Auction

Hospitality Students

Devonshire Teas

Fair Logo Competition

The Tintern Fair Committee are excited to announce the winner of our Fair Logo Competition is:

Holly White of Year 3, with the following design:


Thank you so much to all our other contributors who created such bright and colourful artwork for us to choose from:


Contributors were:

  • Alex Khmelevskiy
  • Georgia Norton
  • Mellyn Sun
  • Mia Jones
  • Natasha Gillam
  • Nicolani Susanto
  • Oliver Huang
  • Reese Stephens
  • Sienna Dass
  • Victoria McKenzie
  • Yasmin Lobo








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