Tintern Compass

Over the last few weeks in Pre-Prep A, whole group learning has focused on the Tintern Compass and School Mitre. The children have been learning that as a group, we all help to make up the points of the Compass, which guides us and helps us to “be the best me, I can be”. Our School Mitre, which we wear everyday on our uniform, reminds us that we, as a group belong to Tintern.

During discussions, key words from the Compass have been introduced to the children, who in turn have expressed their thoughts on what these words mean, and how they can help us to make choices, to again be, the ‘best me I can be’.

We all help to make up the points of the Tintern Compass.

We are all apart of Tintern. The Compass helps us to make good choices and to choose to do the right thing.

How can I show that I am independent? I can carry my own bag into school and put my record book away.

What does it mean to have compassion? I can be kind and caring and think about how someone else might feel.

How can I be responsible? I show responsibility when I care for myself, my family, my friends, my belongings and my world.

What does it mean to be respectful? When I am respectful, I have whole body listening and group manners. I listen to the instructions and I am gentle when playing.

The Compass guides

me to be the best “me” that I can be.

Wendy Oates – Pre-Prep A Teacher



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