Throughout Term 3

It’s always fulfilling to finish the term in a manner that brings our whole Community together for a positive and memorable event.

In a year in which we are utilising the creativity and wisdom of Dr Seuss to inspire and guide us, it seemed only appropriate that our biennial Prep-6 production should be ‘Seussical Junior’.

Last night, our boys performed an energetic, spirited and highly entertaining version of this production.

I am always lost for words when our boys take to the stage; they have a level of resilience, confidence, spontaneity and presence that is remarkable. There is no doubt that, with smaller numbers in our school, we are always able to ensure that every boy has a significant part and time, on stage, and the positive impact this has upon their confidence is very much visible.

Whenever we have rehearsals, and we endeavour to keep them to a minimum, in our staff, someone will trot out the cliché, “It’ll be alright on the night”, because we know our boys so well, and we know that they always rise to the occasion…we find that with boys, if we practice and practice and practice, our boys can start to decline in their performance…leaving them room to peak on the night is an important aspect of our boys’ productions.

From our Preps in their opening, original ‘Things’ item, through to the superb lead acting of Lorcan, Elliott, Mark, Xander, Justin and Oscar, so ably supported by all of our boys, there was such a sense of excitement and togetherness… was a wonderful way to finish the term, and not only do we thank our boys, but we were so appreciative of the large audience who supported and encouraged our boys throughout the term.

It has certainly been another enjoyable and busy term for our boys…Fathers’ Day Breakfast, House Basketball, Book Week, Olympic Celebrations, First Aid courses….as always, it is best summed up in our latest Dr Seuss book….   throughout-term-three-at-tintern-grammar-school

A Kenny




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