This is Me

Our This Is Me theme is complemented and reinforced by special ‘guests’ at our assemblies. Last week, past students Georgia Hayden and TJ Lacey shared their journeys in the world of Performing Arts, with Georgia having recently finished as a member of the Moulin Rouge Cabaret in Paris, and TJ, amongst many other roles, starring in the Dance Academy movie.

Both spoke about their commitment, the resilience they have had to display and the importance of respect and confidence when dealing with others. They were both wonderful ambassadors for Tintern, and lovely, warm and genuine young adults. Yesterday, Nicolien van Vroonhoven-Kok, former political assistant to the Dutch Prime Minister and advisor on financial issues. Most importantly, Nicolien moved to Australia with her husband and five children (aged 6-14) in January. The challenge of moving from her hometown where she has lived her whole life, raised her lovely family and established a strong and inspiring career, is one that has required enormous resilience and confidence. It was a pleasure to have her share her This Is Me story with us.

Last Tuesday’s Pancake Day and Wednesday’s House Swimming Carnival were two most enjoyable events in our Boys’ Junior School, while the opportunity to come together and share in the success of Scotty James provided us with moments that our boys will remember for a long time. We gathered together on Thursday morning, as our whole Boys’ Junior School, to ‘reflect and have closure’ and discussed that Scotty’s four years of hard work led to a BRONZE MEDAL… he aspired for Gold, however, Bronze is a wonderful achievement. He still has the opportunity to work hard and maybe reach his goal, but often we can’t achieve what we want, but there is no shame or should not be a sense of failure with this. The manner in which Scotty smiled, waved and then emotionally embraced his family was inspiring!



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