The Season of Giving for Pre-Prep

Over the last week the children have been learning about cultures from around the world.  Looking particularly at homes, water and toys.  As a part of the learning the children read a story about how water is used around the world.  In this story we learn about girls in Uganda who are not able to go to school because it is their job to walk the 2 hour round trip, 3-4 times a day to collect the water for the family.  We learned that the water is not clean, the children often get sick from drinking water with germs in it, and that there are charities that help support villages by building wells to provide clean water.

As always, we again were reminded that our children are very special indeed.  The children asked questions…

  • “Why don’t they have taps?”
  •  “How do the germs get in the water?”
  •  “Can we get them a well?”

Can we get them a well?  We asked how we could do this.  After much discussion about why we can’t pick fruit off our trees to send over, or, send the toys we don’t need any more, it was decided that we could send over money to help a village build a well to provide clean drinking water.

To this end, the children have decided on 2 ways to raise money.

  1. Pick any lemons from trees at home and bring into school.  On Tuesday November 22, the children will make homemade Lemonade to sell on Wednesday during lunch time to the ELC children.
  2. Wednesday November 30, we are going to set up a stall at the ELC.  If you have any items you would like to donate e.g. toys your child no longer uses, (I would really like the children to be involved in this process so they have the notion of giving) would be appreciated.  Any extra items from your veggie gardens etc. would also be appreciated.  The stall will be set up in the ELC foyer on Wednesday afternoon during pick up time.

World Vision sell $60 gift cards which are marked as providing clean drinking water.  We thought this would be the best way of following through with the children’s ideas.  So that becomes our Target. If we raise more than the $60, we can purchase different cards.

Pre-Prep B also wanted to take part so they will be making chocolate chip cookies to sell with the homemade lemonade.

Wendy Oates and Natalia Martin

Pre-Prep A



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