The MFB Education Program

Year 6 had a visit from the Ringwood MFB as part of the fire in schools education program. As the firefighters walked in, we were all relieved that we could stop doing our maths and begin to take part in the program. The first thing they made clear was that they were on duty and if a call came through for truck 22, they had to go. So they gave the radio to Will and told him to let them know if he heard any mention of truck 22 and if so to let them know immediately. They began by asking us what we thought firemen do. We has lots of ideas. They told us that they put out fires, clean up chemical spills, save people from dangerous situations and heights as well as attend car accidents. They are part of the first response program and are fully trained in First Aid. They use things like defibrillators to save people’s lives, get people out of locked cars as well as using the Jaws of Life to cut victims from smashed vehicles. Of course they also save the odd old cat stuck in trees as well. After much discussion we were shown a video about what happens when firemen are called out to an emergency. It is really quite full on. Next we discussed what powers a fire which we learnt that it was heat, fuel and oxygen. We watched a follow up video on what causes a fire to reinforce our learning.

The overall experience was amazing and we all learnt a lot about fire and safety.

by Will Butterfield and Josh Apsey




2023 Term Dates