The EGGciting Egg Crash Eggsperiment

Over the past week Year 5 has been working on a design and technology project – The Crash Capsule. The Year 5’s aim was to design a crash capsule that will protect an egg that has been dropped from a 5 metre height.

They were only allowed to use a page from a newspaper, tape, unlimited drinking straws, two tissues, a shopping bag and some string. Yes, these items may appear random but it was time to put on their ‘Creative’ thinking hats and design and constructed a package that will protect an egg from the impact of a 5 metres drop. Much discussion was had regarding ‘crumple zones’ which will hopefully take away some of the impact! We looked at the history of safety designs with cars and how, by using a crash test dummy, they could record the results and modify their design to improve on the initial concept. The boys too pre-tested and modified so that they could hopefully create a successful crash capsule for their egg.

The pre-tests and modifications were conducted and the final test was completed last Friday. The results were mixed…or should I say scrambled! However, most eggs survived the 2 storey which made for some very excited students.

by Lee White, Year 5 Teacher



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