Thank you Year 6

As we head to the end of year, and times of celebration, transition and reflection, we especially thank and recognise our Year 6 boys and their families.

Whether their Southwood journey has been one of a year, or longer, each boy has contributed significantly to the life of our school.

Our annual Year 6 Transition Dinner is to be held next Wednesday evening, in the CM Wood Centre. At this Dinner, each boy delivers a presentation about his Southwood Journey, including highlights and memories. They also prepare a Compass point reflection, choosing one of our eight values, and writing about ways in which our school has helped develop this point through opportunities, and reflect upon role models that they see ‘walking the walk’ (Factis Non Verbis!)

The depth of thinking that our boys have displayed in their writing, and their appreciation of their parents, school and families, is heart-warming and a credit to them.

For five of our Year 6 boys, Bailey, Lachlan, Riley, Connor and Seb, the night formally brings to a close a journey that began in Prep in 2009! We sincerely thank them and their families.

On the last day of school, Tuesday 8 December, we finish the year with a special Prep-Year 9 Southwood Boys Assembly.  At this occasion, we will be thanking all of our boys and families, and paying special recognition to a number of staff who will be leaving at the end of the year. Parents and friends are warmly invited to join us in the Boys Junior School Building for this lovely occasion.




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