Term 3 Boys’ Robotics Club

Week 4 Challenge: To add a second switch block to our programming so that we can run a second set of instructions when our robots reach the oil spill section of the course.

This week the boys added a switch block inside another switch block. This meant the boys could run LINE FOLLOWING in the first part of the course (see Switch Block 1 above) before switching to a second set of actions when triggered by a SILVER bar (see Switch Block 2 above).

The silver bar was the start of the oil spill section of the course. After reaching the oil spill the robot needed to locate and push a can out of the spill area to safety. All teams worked hard this week to rescue the can. 

Trial and error; guess and check; trial and error … it’s just a normal afternoon in robotics club”

by Sue Healey, Director of Information & Technology Services



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