Swinburne University Visit to Year 10 Students

On Thursday 15 October former student, Cahill Stevens (YG 2012)  gave an informative and insightful presentation about the Bachelor of Aviation at Swinburne University. Cahill is currently completing his final year of studies and is weeks away from attempting his Commercial Pilot’s License. Cahill and fellow student Carlos Tolentino outlined the broad job opportunities in the aviation industry. They explained how the Swinburne University 3 year degree not only prepared students for employment as a Commercial Pilot but the benefits of combining practical learning with academic studies into such areas as aviation management and technology plus the value of site visits to gain real world knowledge and interaction with industry professionals.

As students’ progress through the Senior College exposure to rapidly changing and global industries such as aviation help open-minds and explore possibilities that may not have been considered before which is all part of the exploration phase of Career development.




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