Student “drop-off” and Parking Restrictions

After a number of recent incidents, it is timely to remind all families that strictly enforced Maroondah Council restrictions for parking and student “drop off” apply outside the administration entrance to the School in the cul-de-sac which is at the end of Alexandra Road.

Restrictions that apply in this area and in other areas around the School are well signposted and Council Officers regularly check all restricted areas in the interest of the School’s neighbours and to ensure safe traffic control and movement around the School.

Parents and guardians of Tintern Grammar secondary students are advised that student “drop-off” is best arranged in the PE Centre/Bus Bay car park. However, please be aware that right-hand turns from Loma Street into the School are clearly signposted as being illegal and drivers run the risk of being booked by Council Officers if they make such right-hand turns. This is also a particularly dangerous manoeuvre which is likely to result in collisions with cars or buses making the correct turn from Morinda Street into the School or continuing around the curve from Morinda Street into Loma Street.



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