Stella in 3A fundraisers for cleaner oceans

Our planet is home to all living things but the environment is being destroyed by humans. Unsustainable actions causes habitat destruction and the extinction of species. This makes me angry and sad. I think that if each of us makes a contribution, together we can make a big difference.

 I love the environment and our planet earth. Knowing about the problems humans have made motivated me to do something positive about it. Last holidays, my brother and I decided to hold a bake sale to raise funds for the worthwhile charity called Plastic Oceans. We chose to support this charity because they encourage people rethink their use of plastic with education as the key tool. Money raised is also used to remove plastic from the ocean. Plastic Oceans are an Australian, not-for-profit charity so all the money is directed towards helping the planet.

 The bake sale on the Sassafras Green raised just over $200 for Plastic Oceans. The success of this event has inspired me to look for different ways to support the environment. Some things my classmates have committed to doing include separating plastics for recycling at home, saying ‘no thanks’ to straws and having ‘Waste Free’ lunches. What can you do? 

by Stella Spink, Year 3



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