Staff versus Student Basketball Match

On Thursday 11 May the All-Star Staff team from the Middle School took on the Year 8 boys in a game of basketball. The Year 8s were broken up into two teams, with each team playing 12 minute halves against the staff. It was a fantastic event with a lot of enthusiasm demonstrated from both the staff and students.

There are some very talented Year 8 boys when it comes to basketball, and they very quickly recognised that they had the staff covered for speed and for skill. The only saving grace for the staff was that we played half-court (so we didn’t have to run as far) and that we had a couple of staff who are a bit taller than the boys.

In the end the All-Star Staff team won 14 – 13! The best part about this was seeing the fun and friendly banter between staff and students and the devastated look on the  boys faces when they realised that we had won! As you can imagine, we have now been challenged for a re-match with the Year 8s, as well as challenged by every other year level, both boys and girls to a similar match. But judging by the way most of us pulled up the next day, Game 2 may be some time off!



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