Spot the Difference

In Year 1 and 2 we are exploring chemical science through our Unit ‘Spot the Difference’. As part of this, the boys were able to experience ‘change’ through the process of bread baking and butter making. This session incorporated not only science but also Literacy – looking at procedural text and language (the boys were introduced to the word TARE and its meaning in context). Numeracy of course also played a part with measurements including volume, grams and ounces and we developed a practical understanding of time. Here is our bread recipe – the easiest and most delicious bread recipe you will ever find!

What is a piece of freshly baked bread without butter? So of course, we made our own butter too! This took a lot of energy and patience from the boys, as they had to shake jars of cream for some time until it became butter. This activity was a wonderful way for the boys to experience the physical changes that occur during this process. Liquid cream became thicker and thicker until a solid began to form. Then the by-product – buttermilk – needed to be poured off (and sampled!) before continuing to shake until we finally had butter.

Naturally, all this effort and patience required the all-important taste test to complete the experience. There were smiles all-round.

by Jen Sloane and Michelle Gluskie, Year 1 and 2 Classroom Teachers



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