Sport Matters

Congratulations Olivia!

Pakenham Horse Trials, held on Saturday 10 February, was Olivia’s first ever eventing competition and her pony Pegasus’ first time as well. The Dressage test was a lovely smooth ride, putting them both into 7th place. Show Jumping was also a very good ride, but unfortunately, they had one unlucky refusal pushing them back into 10th position. The final event was Cross Country, which Olivia says was an amazing experience! Pegasus had such fun on this course and went very fast! This achievement put Olivia and Pegasus into 8th place overall at the end of an amazing day.

Well done Olivia and Pegasus on this magnificent outcome on your first ever Horse Trials!

by Rebecca Infanti, Equestrian Coordinator

House Swimming Carnival Sport Captain’s Reports

Girls’ House Swimming Carnival 

On the morning of Friday the 15th of February, the Middle and Senior school girls took part in the annual House Swimming competition. The day started with the open freestyle events and then ranged from races of each stroke, to relays, to novelty events such as the boat and board race.

Even though there was only one winner on the day, it was fantastic to see everyone trying their hardest and most importantly giving their events a go, no matter their swimming ability. At each race throughout the day there was always plenty of House spirit from all year levels and even encouragement between competing houses.

Overall, House Swimming was a great way to start off the sports events of the year, introduce the new Year 7s to their House and everyone to the enthusiasm that will hopefully be carried out for the remaining House events of the year!

by Sophie Glasson, Sport Captain

Boys’ House Swimming Carnival 

It was a great turn out for the Boys’ House Swimming this year. It was full of House spirit that was expressed through the House chants and excitement as all the boys tore through the Tintern Pool. Congratulations to Gordon Grant swimmers for winning the Boys’ House Swimming Carnival.

There were events for everyone, whether it was individual races such as freestyle and breaststroke or novelty races such as the boat relay and board relay. The boat relay was one of the most entertaining as first and last place could change at any minute. It was such a fantastic carnival and it was all thanks to all the boy’s commitment and enthusiasm.

by Matthew Evans, Sport Captain

House Swimming Carnival Results

On Friday 15 February, Tintern Grammar held the annual House Swimming Carnival for Years 7 – 12 students. The girls’ carnival was first from 8:40am-12pm and the boys’ from 12:10pm-3:30pm. The House spirit displayed by all of the boys and girls was excellent.

The girls’ carnival was close all morning with only 14 points separating first and second at the conclusion of the event. The boys’ carnival in the afternoon was also tightly contested for most of the afternoon. The boys and girls competed hard for their Houses but were also very supportive of other swimmers. Congratulations to all of the boys and girls on a magnificent carnival.

The results were:


 1st  Gordon/Grant     1,541
 2nd     Butterss/Cross   1,527
 3rd   Dann/Watt  1,443
 4th  Somner/Stewart   1,437
 5th   Mansfield/McKie  1,372

Congratulations to the following girls who are the year level champions:

Year 7 – Lucy Ryan Wilson

Year 8 – Ellena Glenk

Year 9 – Emma du Blȇt

Year 10 – Harriet Rasmussen

Year 11 – Jade Hutchinson

Year 12 – Erin Doupe


 1st  Gordon/Grant     1,574
 2nd     Butterss/Cross   1,495
 3rd   Mansfield/McKie   1,406
 4th  Somner/Stewart   1,346
 5th   Dann/Watt  1,291

Congratulations to the following boys who are the year level champions:

Year 7 – Jayden Lee

Year 8 – Boyd Pearce-Schmidt

Year 9 – Mark Evans

Year 10 – Kaidin Dalzotto

Year 11 – Jeremy Yuen-Love

Year 12 – Ben Rudd



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