Sport Matters


The Olympic sport of Modern Pentathlon sounds like something out of ‘The Three Musketeers!’

You start by fencing against 30+ fencers, dive into the water and swim 200 metres, climb onto the back of a horse and race over a series of jumps and then hop off the horse and run as fast as you can over 3,200m whilst stopping every 800m to shoot 5 targets with a pistol.

James Bond, eat your heart out! Wow, what an amazing event requiring such a mix of skill and endurance!

It may surprise you to hear that two of our Middle School students compete on a regular basis in Modern Pentathlon. Ella Trevorrow (8B) and her sister Lilly (7C) are a force to be reckoned with. Both girls recently competed in a Modern Pentathlon Victoria event in Benalla in central Victoria with great success. Competing in the 12/13 Yr. Youth section Ella finished in 1st place and Lilly very close behind in 2nd place.

This Friday, Ella and Lilly will head-up two teams the school has entered in a mini Pentathlon run by Balcombe Grammar on the Mornington Peninsula. In all, some five Tintern teams will compete in an ‘Equathon’ event involving Show Jumping, Swimming and Cross Country running. Some of our most elite junior athletes, swimmers and equestrians from Year 7 & 8 will be joining us for this unique event and we wish them well.

“I go to Rio”……

We are all familiar with the Peter Allen hit “I Go To Rio”, but David Powell can rightfully say that he is going to Rio. David has been selected to compete for Australia at the Rio Olympics in Table Tennis.

We were very fortunate to have David visit the school on Thursday 2nd June to take a training session with our Year 8/9 Boys Table Tennis team. The boys are undefeated so far this season and we hope that some of David’s winning ways will rub off on the team.

We wish David the best of luck in Rio and hope that he has a wonderful experience.





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