Southwood Foundation Assembly


Our Southwood Foundation Assembly is always a very special occasion, as it provides a wonderful opportunity for us to celebrate the birth of Southwood, and the vision and commitment of the School Board, staff and families in ensuring that boys are an integral part of Tintern Grammar.

This year we were particularly delighted to welcome back Kirk Kinne, a foundation student, commencing at Southwood in Year 4 1999. Kirk spoke fondly of his Southwood years, and highlighted the special, close bond that still exists amongst the Southwood boys. He especially highlighted the close relationship that existed between staff and students.

Jack Taggert, a current Year 3 boy, displayed wonderful confidence as he shared his recent journey to Villers Bretonneux, where he was able to visit the Victoria School, and present the Principal with a Southwood Book and an AFL football. Villers Bretonneux has a special link with Australia, as it was on the 25 April 1918, when over 1200 Australian diggers gave their lives while defeating the German army and hence winning back the village for the French people. When the war had finished, the school children of Melbourne raised finds to help rebuild what became known as The Victoria School.

Our School Captain, Michael D’Addazio, spoke with passion about his Southwood days, and we were delighted to hear from max Hutchinson as he outlined the highlights of his journey from being a prep boy, to now as a Year 12 boy. As has now become tradition…a unique video created and produced by our Year 12s, this year’s entitled “We Didn’t Start The Vibe”, provided much mirth.

Our Assembly finished with our Prep-Year 12 boys, arm in arm, singing a rousing rendition of The Southwood Boy song…always a very emotional moment.

I am sincerely appreciative of the effort made by the many parents, boys and friends who participated in our Foundation Assembly.

 A Kenny




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