Farewelling our Year 12 boys

Our Southwood Prep-Year 12 Assembly last Friday provided us with an opportunity to thank, farewell and extend our best wishes to all of our Year 12 boys as they come to the end of their journey.

Our Year 12s are a wonderful team; they all have particular strengths, and complement each other. I have never walked past one of the boys without them giving a cheery greeting. They tackle their schooling with good humour, determination, and in the words of The Southwood Boy song, they aim to “Be The Best You Can Hope To Be”.

Through a journey of change, and a number of personal setbacks and challenges, the boys have been resilient and caring of one another.

Each of these boys is a credit to their families and our school, and wonderful role models to our other Southwood boys.

I thank every Year 12 boy and their families for their involvement in and support of our school, and for giving us the privilege of working with and caring for the boys.

It has been an absolute pleasure and privilege to share in their journey from early childhood to manhood.

The respect and support that our Prep-Year 11 boys showed during the assembly, and towards each other every day, highlights that our boys are very special to us all, and such valuable and responsible members of Tintern Schools.

by Adam Kenny, Head of Southwood and Boys Education




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